Orica Company provides services of UX improvements, consulting and training for SAP systems. The company operates from the stage of defining the specifications, through customizing the system to the business processes, and ending in systems upgrades, support and professional training.

What makes Orica unique is its combination of experience and knowledge of consulting and implementing SAP systems, and a deep and comprehensive business understanding of the full scope of organizational demands and processes in fields such as: Purchasing, Inventory Management, Warehouse Management, Sales and Distribution, Customer Service, Plant Maintenance, Finance, Budget and Pricing and Controlling. All this alongside being SAP Screen Personas specialist, A tool that allows to improve and make the way in which business users use SAP systems more efficient.

Orica specializes in connecting information systems to business goals, and have vast and tried experience with consulting, locating and fixing failures, making the organizational systems user-friendly while improving their usability. In addition, Orica has the skills and abilities, both professionally and technologically, to lead organizations in the process of analysis, planning and implementation and to perform the necessary changes in accordance with the organization’s goals.

When professional training is needed, Orica provides the most suitable training, according to the specific needs and demands of the organization’s existing systems, while creating training services and plans. The different training plans include standard SAP courses, in-depth training for the professional teams or consultants, and training management to find out the system’s functional abilities in a wide systemic prism.

The professional escorting, which characterizes Orica’s service, allows to implement innovative methodologies and vital changes in a professional, focused and goal oriented manner, which prevents shocking the organization and allows process improvement while drastically saving time and money. These abilities go hand in hand with Orica’s 24/7 availability, its high level of commitment to the client, high standard of operative efficiency and performance quality, and the high level of output that Orica promises and provides for its clients.

The vast array of services offered by Orica to its clients in the business, public, Defense, utilities and municipal sectors helps them in defining business processes, bettering their management, managing changes and assessing risks, in order to improve performance and making informed decisions which lead to gaining a competitive edge and business growth over time.